What is the difference between a known brand and a new, relatively unknown phone brand? What if they have practically the same features compared side by side? The difference is a simple business principle called perception. Known brands protect their name while unknown brands may not care that much.

Make a Selection

Before you decide on buying your next mobile or smartphone, make a selection. It may include the brand, the specs, and the price. Different people have different preferences. Europeans may opt for an American brand like the iPhone and vice versa. Chinese users may opt for European brands like Nokia. It is a personal thing. You may also want to consider the replacement policy and the aftermarket support. Even with strict manufacturing standards, a defective unit pops up among a batch of excellently manufactured handsets. Aftermarket support may include replacement batteries, chargers, and accessories. You don’t want an unusable phone all of a sudden if your battery gets busted, and there is no replacement.

gs53c70s0aRead Product Reviews

For new products, product reviews can be your best source of information. Be careful though because not all product reviews tell you the truth. A blog describing the pros and cons can be better. For instance, when Samsung launched the Galaxy S7, the reviews were good. The blogs confirmed the phone as one of the best and users also confirmed it. Product reviews also depend on how you use your phone and what applications you frequently use. Phones made in China have good reviews. One example is Xiaomi. It has even gained a nickname, the Apple of China.

Try the sample Phone at the Dealer

Most phone dealers have a sample phone that you can fidget with. If you have a known brand like an iPhone and an unknown brand like Kata on display, you can try it out. You can check on the appearance, the materials used and the size and weight. You can then see how the response is as you slide your fingers on the screen. You can also check the specs and the price. Cheaper phones usually have lower features. The most common thing to watch is the on-board memory and the storage capacity. The camera resolution is another factor to watch.

xiaomi-jpegMake your Buying Decision

Price may not be a major factor in your buying decision. Phone maker Xiaomi has a flagship phone that is as expensive as a Sony Xperia. HTC also has a flagship phone that can compete in price with the Samsung S7. In this respect, phone brands will matter. Although you may have observed that even the iPhone introduced a model that did not sell, phone makers always seek to protect their brand but make a comeback.

Phone brands matter: An unknown brand does not have a market share to protect. Hence, it can make experiments in the smart phone market. It does not happen with the top five brands. They have a market share to protect. Phone makers know that it is hard to get a market share, but it is so easy to lose it with a bad product.