Product model numbers make or break the product. You can notice the top mobile phones descriptive mobile model number. Sony has the Experia Z5; HTC has the HTC 10 and LG has the LG G5. Model numbers make the smartphone distinctive. The iPhone uses the ascending model for naming its phone model. After the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 will follow. What is with the number 7? It may work magic for some and signify failure for some.

What’s with the Number 7?

Those who are into numerology or some lucky number thing, believe that 7 is a good number. Some say it is the number of completion. That may be the reason why the Samsung S7 made it to the top of the smartphone list for 2016. Reviews say it is the best smartphone ever designed. Other phone makers may follow suit with their own lucky number phone model. Maybe some phones should be called 77 or 777, who knows? The number 7 is three places to the top. It may be one reason why it is a lucky model number for some. Some things remain to be seen, though.

htc-878840__180Will the Number 7 do it for the iPhone?

Apple is coming up with the iPhone 7. Will the number 7 do it for the iPhone this time? Many believe it will. The latest figures available tell us that you can no longer buy an iPhone during the date of release. The reason is that all the iPhone 7s that came out of the factory are already pre-ordered. Let us just hope that when the phone is in the hands of the user, nothing untoward will happen.

It is tragic and sad, but the Samsung Note 7 did not fare well. Analysts believe that in the rust to come up with the Note 7 before the release of the iPhone 7, the management of Samsung may have overlooked certain key issues in the manufacturing process and the parts selection. The problem is rather unusual for a well-designed piece of smartphone. The battery problem of overheating, catching fire and exploding is unheard of. It is not revealed but the battery supplier for the S7 may not be the same supplier for the Note 7, sources say.

apple-1125135__180With millions of smartphones in the process of recall, the iPhone 7 may yet rejoice in this development. But then, there is still something to beware. What if, the new iPhone will have the same or a similar problem? Many believe it will never happen. There have been problems with some batches of the iPhone but it was never on a massive scale that a recall was necessary.

Will the number 7 do it for the iPhone? The figures say for itself that it may do just fine. The bigger screen of the iPhone 7 is just the one the phone market is wanting. The bigger screen phones or tablets are in vogue. If the reviews turn out to be good, this phone model may yet give a push to the iPhone and iOS.